Hostelery equipment

  • CUTTER KEBAB CUTTER KEBAB Easy to use, increase efficiency and cut quality. Meets all hygiene, food and safety regulations. Manual thickness adjustment, between 0.5 and 3.5mm. Includes spare… […]

  • KEBAB KLG 231 KEBAB KLG 231 Function with electricity. Four independent burners. The maximum height of meatloaf is 89 cm. Heat Crystal ROBAX. Four different levels of cooking… […]

  • STORAGE SHELVES STORAGE SHELVES Made of stainless steel AISI 304. Formed by: 40x40mm -4pilares: 1 mm thick, with bent and stepped lateral.-4estantes in different 3anchos (1200.1000 and 800mm).… […]

  • estanteria-en-acero-inoxidable-aisi-304-de-Comersa

    AISI 304 stainless steel shelf: Built in stainless steel AISI 304. Formed by: 4 Pillars 40×40 mm: 1mm thick, with lateral bending and walked (upturned) 4 shelves in… […]

    • Stainless steel exterior with rounded corners.
    • Polished stainless steel upper tray in F-15, F-25 and F-50 models.
    • Direct exchange cooling system. Connection to the water mains through the stainless steel coil ensures maximum hygiene and prevents stagnant water.
  • Amasadora para pasteleria y pizza de Difri, Grupo Comersa

    Mixers MS 22 Industrial mixer of great solidity and reliability, able to satisfy any technical demand and production of soft dough such as pizza and bread. Structure made… […]

  • Laminadora para pasteleria y pizza de Difri, Grupo Comersa

    Pastry dough LRM 42A Ideal industrial machines for the production of dough bases in a fast and simple way, without the need for specialized knowledge. Fully made of… […]

  • Envasadora al vacio de Difri, Grupo Comersa

    External suction vaccum packing machines SMALL DIGIT ECOSTAR DIGIT SMALL DIGIT / ELIX DIGIT / MEDIUM DIGIT Made entirely from stainless steel. Ideal for packing solid products (dried… […]

  • Cortadoras de fiambre de Difri y Codygas grupo Comersa

    Cold meat cutters – Difri 275-S 350-CEA Carriage, cutting tray, rust-proof, aluminium blade protecto. Selection of slice thickness using an adjusting handle. Circular blades with 220, 250, 275,… […]

  • Tostadora y gratinadora de pan de Drifri Grupo Comersa

    Band toaster TTCH 210 TTCH 375 Made in stainless steel. Adjustable band speed. Switch On/Off. Light switch for each resistance (top and bottom). Includes upper tray to warm… […]

  • Chocolatera y dispensador de chocolate caliente de Difri, Grupo Comersa

    Chocolate dispenser CH 5 V10 Bain-marie cooking method with patented anti-stick tray. Heat insulated hot water boiler, easy and fast to empty. Easily removed tap for quicker cleaning.… […]

  • Picadora de hielo de Difri, Grupo Comersa

    Ice crushers TG 6 Finished in matte and shiny gray. 1400 revolutions per minute, to ensure the crushed ice. Ice-collecting bucket for comfort, with water outlet. Ice homogeneous… […]

  • Batidora automática con cubeta de acero de Difri, Grupo Comersa
    • Body of high strength steel.
    • Cuvette holder for easy smoothie.
    • Easy use by the user.
  • Exprimidor de zumos con cubeta de acero de Difri, Grupo Comersa

    Juicers S 55 Steel reservoir in all models except in the “SE” plastic model. Unified steel squeezing head for lemons, oranges and grapefruits in the “SE”, “SP”, “S55… […]

  • Lavamanos de pie con agua fria y caliente de Difri, Grupo Comersa

    Foot operated hand wash hot and cold LAVAMANOS PIE (FRÍA / CALIENTE) Made from stainless steel Basin with rounded edges, facilitating cleaning and improving hygiene Foot operation mechanism… […]

  • Cortadora de vegetales de Codygas, Grupo Comersa

    Vegetable cutter CV 300 Technical features Built entirely of anodized aluminum food. Hinged cover and removable for easy disc replacement, cleaning and maintenance. Two inputs of food: oval,… […]

  • Exprimidor automático de naranjas de Codygas grupo Comersa

    Orange automatic juicer ORANGE AUTOMATIC JUICER Suitable for use in any facility dedicated to restoration Squeezer body and cover constructed of stainless steel. Drip tray, buckets collect bark… […]