It identifies any Comersa Group companies, namely Comersa, Structural Steelwork for Refrigeration, SA; Difri, Distributions of Refrigeration S.L .; and Codigas, Codygas Broadcasts Ltd., as the stations of the information contained on this page. At all times it will be referred either to the three companies, as a whole, by making reference to Comersa Group. If quoting any of the three companies separately, indicate explicitly.


Those dealers may or outside Spain Spain whether they are customers Comersa registering on the website.

Comersa, Refrigerating Metal Constructions SA reserves the right to accept cualquiero natural or legal person as a registered user of the web, since it involves a number of conditions and advantages reserved for customers.

Check on the web is always mediated and controlled by Comersa, Structural Steelwork for Refrigeration, SA, running in the control the right of admission as a user.


2.1. Orders:

All orders will be received and confirmed from Comersa, Structural Steelwork for Refrigeration, SA, which then proceed to shipping and billing.

To validate an order shall include:

  • Products.
  • Units.
  • Send address.
  • Billing address.

Performing the communication of these data directly to headquarters so.

The Comersa Group, through any of its three companies: Comersa-Difri-Codygas reserves the right to accept orders from customers who have defaulted on any of the points above, or who have failed previous contracts, either by default or by invalidating orders improperly.

Particular conditions to quote a customer on your order will be canceled if you do not meet the general conditions of sale which has granted the client, unless authorized in writing by any of the companies in the Group Comersa.

2.2. Price:

Prices reflected on this site are prices of sale per customer and can be varied according to the conditions of sale of each of them. In any case, the Comersa Group reserves the right to modify, alter or delete any of these prices without notice, to apply the new rate immediately.

2.3. Return Merchandise:

No returns will be accepted without the express written permission of any of the Group companies Comersa.

If the return to be accepted, the costs incurred by it (postage, packaging, etc.) shall be borne by the customer.

Goods will be paid according to the status of receiving them in our warehouse, after verification by our technicians. A fertilizer that you apply at least 10% discount on items of expenditure verification and suitability of the goods and postage if any of the first shipment of it.

2.4. Deadlines:

Delivery that den from Comersa Group or any of the companies that are merely indicative form indicating the departure from our warehouse.

Delays in delivery by transportation will not be because of claim by the buyer, may not give rise to any claim or compensation.

Delivery shall be valid from the time the customer has provided all the information necessary for manufacture of the product and is current on payments to Comersa Group or any of the companies that are unable to serve any good if there is any outstanding to any of the companies in the Group balance Comersa.

2.5. Parts and accessories.

All replacements will be shipped freight collect, not admitting material return unless it is authorized by the assistance service téncica (SAT).

2.6. Retention of title and ownership of the goods:

The products remain the property of Comersa Group or Group member company which issued until they are paid in full, the same can be claimed in case of emergency or breach of contract by the buyer.

2.7. Payment Terms:

All operations will be paid by prepayment until the Comersa Group member or group company which issued the credit granted to the customer.

Failure to pay invoices den deadlines, the customer shall bear the cost of return and / or delay.

Prompt payment is considered, the prepayment of goods or money domiciled to 30 days from invoice date.

2.8. Overview sale:

The catalogs presented here, as well as any other document issued by the commercial information Comersa Group or any of the companies comprising the Group is not binding, being merely informative.

For any correction of errors in the catalog, always prevail digital to printed versions. For any contradiction or mismatch information from the same digital catalogs prevail information issued on the website over others, as well as on all printed catalogs and press releases.

This website and the digital catalog is continually updated, appearing in all models marketed them with beautiful art and updated information, eliminating those appliances remaining discontinued or is no longer marketed. Also, the digital catalog or any digital communication is made on products may include, occasionally, the quantity of products in stock, for special reasons.

You can also find on this website cutting machinery manufactured by Comersa Group and other technical information.

The Comersa Group has a stock of discontinued or small defects, which offer competitive prices with machinery, but warranty terms applied by 12 months. Failure to meet such guarantees will be communicated explicitly.

For more information on the group described here, any of the companies of the group or the products manufactured and / or marketed and to give opinions or reviews on products, service or any other matter may be addressed to notify headquarters or on the contact page of this website.

For special needs of customers who require products with different features that are offered or described, you can contact the Comersa Group or any of the constituent companies, through the information provided on the page contact this website.


The Comersa Group through companies that comprise: Comersa, provides up to 15 months of warranty from the date their products out of their stores or the date of issuance of the bill of goods.

Crystals esistencias electrical equipment and lighting are not included in the warranty.

The warranty only covers the replacement of defective material being labor, transportation and packaging would lead to this substitution on behalf of the dealer makes the sale.

The Comersa Group, or any of the companies of the same will replace or repair without charge factory parts that will be submitted during the period for which the warranty. Transportation expenses (round trip) generated a repair or replacement shall be borne by the customer.

The commissioning and subsequent maintenance of the equipment served and shall be the sole obligation and responsibility of the purchaser authorized personnel should do to that end.

The Comersa Group and any of the companies that are not responsible in terms of guarantees for faulty repairs by unauthorized personnel or specialized, losing the guarantee that you will be fulfilled.

The replacement of an appliance or piece in warranty period, the warranty will end when the new warranty replaced complete.

To consider replacing parts or appliances under warranty, shall transmit to the same faulty Comersa Group or any of the companies comprising the Group within 15 days. Otherwise they will be billed.

These warranties are void if:

  • The fault is due to the connection of the device to power grids different voltage indicated on the nameplate section.

  • Placement of the sun or near heat sources apparatus, as well as poorly ventilated areas or entrances and vents (vents of the device) is partially or completely covered by.
  • Excessive accumulation of dirt on the appliance of.
  • An impairment of the device due to friction, fire, falls, and in general, how many accidents may occur since leaving our warehouse to your destination.
  • The compressor starting equipment is sent.
    Any part or appliance is sent incomplete.

  • It is a misuse or tampering, improper installation thereof or completed technical work or remodeling of it without the express authorization by unqualified personnel.


In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Protection of Personal Data, we inform that the personal data provided voluntarily will be included in a file owned Comersa Group, whose purpose is to manage applications and, where appropriate, to keep you informed about news and promotional activities and / or sales that Comersa Group or any of its component companies consider appropriate.

The personal data entered on this site may be transferred to companies comprising the Group Comersa and, in any case, be provided to third parties or outside the Group companies or non-profit.

The Comersa Group and any of the constituent companies are not responsible for the accuracy and plausibility of the data contained in this file are made, and the obsolescence of the data it contains. It also reserves the right to remove or destroy the information that could work in their files or that it considers inaccurate or inappropriate without notice.

At any time you may exercise your right of access, rectification, cancellation and / or opposition by sending a written request accompanied by a photocopy of your National Identity Card with photograph or document to siguietne address:

Comersa Group

Pol. Ind. Virgen de la Salud, 29.

Xirivella 46950, Valencia.

Phone: 96 313 50 05

or by sending your request to this email.


Cookies are small text files sent to and stored on users’ computers that allow the website to recognize repeat users, facilitate access to the site and gather information to allow content improvements.

The “cookies” used by the Group website Comersa not provide personal data of users, and can be associated with a person or entity. If the user does not want the “cookies” are accessible on this website, you can turn your computer installation thereof by personal settings of your browser.

The Comersa Group and any of its employees, be held responsible for the setting of “cookies” of users unable to be claimed off them, the understanding that is a problem in using the apparatus with which it is accessed the website, which in no case shall belong to the Group Comersa but its owner and user, and therefore the Group is Comersa exhento of responsibility for these files.

The browsing this site once indicated cookies policy constitutes acceptance of the same, to the same effect have pressed the button to accept the use thereof.


6.1. National Policy shipments:

The merchandise is shipped freight prepaid, by Comersa Group appointed by the agencies and media or by any of the companies that compose it and always traveling the goods at the risk of the buyer.

There is the exception of the use of the transport companies used by companies Comersa Group as a whole or individually, in the case that WILL deliver the goods in places inaccessible to the carrier (old town, pedestrian or not unfit for circulation of motor vehicles for its inadequacy or otherwise), or those deliveries required for download mediosadicionales other employment as porters, cranes, etc. Additional attached to these contingencies and expenses incurred shall be borne by the buyer.

The reissues are on account and risk of the purchaser.

The packaging used by companies Comersa Group as a whole are standard. Any other special packaging or delivery system specifically requested by the customer will be borne by the latter.

Upon delivery, the dealer will check the state receiving the goods. Should you find any defect or deterioration therein, the dealer must record in detail in the documentation delivered to the transit agency receiving the goods and send a copy of that documentation Comersa group, or the group company whatever shipping sender, before the expiry of 24 hours from the receipt of the goods.

If no abnormalities are detected and communicated to the company of public transportation companies or any of the Comersa Group at the time of delivery, also may be processed and communicated within 24 hours from the time of receipt of the goods. The dealer will always give written notice to the transit agency and send a copy of the complaint to Comersa Group or the Group company which was the original station of the goods.

If the dealer charge to any companies Comersa Group make delivery directly to the user of the goods will be the dealer always responsible for the good reception of it and to handle any incidents that may arise in the transport, in the form and time mentioned above.

Transit agencies used by the Comersa Group or any of the companies that are not responsible for claims arising after 24 hours of receipt of the goods will be made.

Failure to follow the procedure set out above, the Group Comersa not be responsible for damage incurred during shipping.

6.2. International Shipping Policy:

International shipments will be considered those submissions that are not included in Spain.

Generally, the Group uses the system Comersa shipping for these countries is Ex​​-Works, taking over the Comersa Group or any of the member companies, displacement and transport of the products to the point of collection of the transportation agency. In this case will the Port of Valencia for ocean shipments or stores Comersa own the Group and any other place designated for Ground Shipping.

The buyer will be responsible, in any case, the loading of the goods in vehicles designed for transport, remaining under his responsibility from that time.

You can canviarse transport system whenever the both Comersa Group as the buyer decide by mutual agreement, leaving the responsibilities in the same way they were originally. If the buyer wants to be the Comersa Group, or any of the constituent companies, who takes over the entire carriage including liability, this may incur a number of expenses that Comersa Group or any of the companies within the Group, may require the buyer.

As for the means of transport, opt for one that best suits both the buyer and Comersa Group or any of the companies comprising the Group, regardless of any reason.