Products, Quality and Reliability COMERSA

Achieved and implemented ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems, in 2010 the company maintains its own system of quality management that includes continuous improvement of processes and providing up to 2 years warranty on our products.

COMERSA, specialized in the range of own manufacture, has a wide range of products, some 670 references, divided mostly between: refrigeration and freezing, cabinets refrigerated display cabinets and Enfriatapas, Bajo-mostradores, bottle coolers, and neutral furniture, among other facilities.

Moreover, the products marketed under the names Difiri and codes are mainly manufacturing and European technology. We distribute: Showcases of ice cream, ice machines and ice cubes, electric ovens, toasters, electric irons and gas, stoves, barbecues, or sources of water and washing of recognized machinery firms from Italy, France and Portugal. References that we do not forget to apply quality Comersa seal, to ensure your coverage and reliability, through our technical department.

all firefighters are on the market with a high prestige – recognized by customers and competitors – because of the stringent controls of quality they are subjected, to the raw materials used in its manufacture and the knowledge acquired during the nearly 60 years that this company is present in our society. Thanks to this know-how we are able to adapt to the needs and demands of customers, offering global solutions and exclusive products, designed by our engineers, which allows us to make, practically, suits tailored for our customers.

Using our own thermodynamic test chamber (according to standard ISO23953-1/2 = 2006), and monitoring and testing of 100% of the equipment before its delivery, guarantees high cooling efficiency and minimal incidents of COMERSA products. In our industry, COMERSA brand is quality assurance of cold. Of course, we also have treatment against corrosion series evaporators or the use of high-quality AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel. All our commitment to quality becomes tangible in the warranty offered, in energy efficiency and ultimately to the satisfaction of our customers.